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November 26, 2009 fifa coins Omega Mission http://www.fifabags.com Hills Golf World Cup at the Mission Hills Club staged the first in the world. Came to this from Spain Golf Master Viola Sha Bao design course, facing numerous bunkers of the master settings, many participating stars already have their own coping strategies even have half the home advantage, Spain player, the world's eighth Garcia did not dare to have the slightest slight, after attending the professional amateur pro-am, he said, was "very happy to be here competing. We are well familiar with the stadium. Course condition very good, varied, and each hole are not the same. To know every player would like to see different variations of the hole. Here, some narrower, some wide, some very challenging, and some Greens surrounded by water. You can put the ball in a more favourable position on the Greens, which is what Viola Sha Bao's design style. Especially in the precision and accuracy of shots to get hold of, need your ball as far as possible from the entrance is near. So this is a test of your short game skills course, catch, was looking forward to after the game. We rested in these two days, but overall I feel pretty. Hope on Sunday to better play, and won the title. "Kangsitanuo his teammates felt the same impressive," I love this golf course. Here is a mountain course, my caddie, Ollie, is not an easy task, but he does a great job. Pitch a few holes very challenging, such as the par 5 15th hole's water hazard, as well as great a hole at the end. I'm looking forward to this match, Garcia played very well and I played well, I believe that at weekends, we have a chance to win. ”

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